Hard Work, Dedication & Freedom. A Certain Way of Life.


As a young boy, I recall gathering at the table to eat what mom prepared for the six of us. After giving thanks, I would think about how unselfish my old man was to work every day to provide for us. The daily dinners served as a meeting for him, to stay involved in our lives and to hand out life lessons.

One day in particular stood out to me. It was the day that would change my thinking forever. Dad told us that he could vision a day when corrupt politics and the nature of modern business could land us in troubled times.

He could see how jobs would be scarce, people would become desperate and food a necessity not to be taken for granted.  He said he could see a high fence around the property to herd cattle and that it would take guns to protect them.  That picture never left my mind.

Well, through a lot of hard work and thirst, I ran into many like-minded people who also believed in the idea of self-reliance, self-efficiency and self- respect.  The golden words of my father were molded into “GUNS & CATTLE” and the ranch came to life. A life lesson discussed at the family dinner table unites all of us who believe in hard work, dedication, freedom and a certain way of life.  If you're one of those people, and I believe that you are, be proud of it and wear it on your sleeve (or on your back).  Because “ you’re either GUNS & CATTLE or you ain’t “